Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bohunka, PrettyScrappy and new blogtags



I am late with my weekly posting again - yay, what is going on?? Maybe it is this summery weather outside which makes lazy and forgetful:)

A lot is going on in our CT. We have another member Bohunka, who joined us this week and will surely come here to the blog very soon to introduce herself and show some of her scrapping works.

Also, Valarie is starting a new shop at PrettyScrappy.com so we are exploring the site and getting ready for more scrapping tasks. Which is exciting:) 

And we have new pretty blog nametags made to each of us by Valarie. This one is mine:

I have scrapped quite a lot lately and have quite a number of new pages, but I will show just one of them here. The other ones are there in the slideshow in the left margin.

I like this layout because it is so positive:) The elements used are Valarie's contribution to the BTST April Collab:

(photos by eledhwen)

Happy Scrapping!