Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Introducing Sidney!


Just because almost all my layouts feature my DD and you can get too much of cute blonde little girls. (Well I can't, but then she's mine, you know what I mean LOL!)
I thought I would show you my original 'baby'. He's my gorgeous Sidney, a rescue cat and now in his 17th year. He's a silver fluff ball with claws and teeth of steel! The original rufty tufty tom cat. In his glory days he would terrorise the neighbourhood cats and bring us home lots of presents, which we won't go into. Nowadays, he sleeps most of the time and enjoys sunning himself in the garden as you can see.
I thought it was high time I made a few pages, dedicated to my 'teenager' and Valarie's Pet Tales Mega collection was perfect. I used the cat part of it called Over Catnip which you can have a look at, at DPH and Pretty Scrappy.

And here is my boy, Sidney.

Credits - Pet Tales:Over Catnip by Valarie Ostrom.
Template Kris Baker.

Credits - Pet Tales:Over Catnip by Valarie Ostrom.
Template by Pri Rocha.

Have fun,