Sunday, May 3, 2009



Well, are you exhausted from all of the iNSD activities yet? Chats, crops, challenges, sales, freebies...digi-dom has been filled with all sorts of activities for everyone this weekend. If you haven't had your fill of shopping and new kits, don't forget that Val has 2 super cute new kits available at BTST and DPH. One for dog lovers, and one for cat lovers...or if you're like me and have both dogs and cats running around your house, you can snag the Mega kit and get both for one low price.
And now, for those of you who are groaning at the thought of having to unzip and organize all of those zip files you downloaded this weekend, I have found a little something that will hopefully make life a little easier. Unzip Them All is a free shareware program that I've been using for at least a year. Basically, it will unzip any ZIP or RAR file in the folder that you select, and it will unzip them all at once at the touch of a button. I run the program on both my XP and Vista computers and have never had a problem with it.
And finally, don't forget that Val is having a CT call. It's a great way to work with some fun kits for free (and who doesn't love that) I think we're a pretty friendly bunch of people as well!

Have a great week, and enjoy your iNSD goodies! Happy scrapping!