Sunday, May 3, 2009




We have had a weekend of celebration. Not only because the world of scrapbooking had its holiday yesterday, but also because the first and the third of May are bank holidays in Poland and we always have a prolonged weekend:)

This time the long weekend was not such a lucky one to me as I had had a computer breakdown and had to format the disks and reinstall everything. As you can guess, I spent a lot of time in front of the computer and was not fully able to enjoy the holidays and this beautiful weather outside.

I had also hoped to do a lot of digiscrapping... I managed to make one page in the end :)

Valarie has just released a kit which is an absolute hit to me: Pet Tales. I adore cats, although we don't have any in our small city flat. My cats live in the country, with my parents where they have a lot of space and may find their own paths :)

Here is one of them. His name is Mushroom :) 

And here is Valarie's kit: 

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And happy scrapping!!