Monday, March 9, 2009

Every page is a story



Last night I was digging through tons of photographs on CDs to find a photo that would suit my idea of a page with Valarie's Sweet Nothings and I realised that I have forgotten so much from only a year or two ago. The photos have given me back those lost happy moments. Eventually I came across a photo of myself and my little one dancing in the street:)

As I was working on the page, I was reliving the story behind the photo back and again. I remembered this November day when my sister Anna came to visit us in Warsaw after we hadn't seen for some three months. We took my son and went for a long walk in an old park. Little details came back to me - the bright autumnal colours, the sun glittering through the leaves, bits of conversation, laughters.

This is what scrapping gives to me. A scrapped page is not just a cluster of pretty elements, it is a piece of my life.

And Sweet Nothings are coming soon. Watch out for it in the BTST shop.