Sunday, January 11, 2009

New Things for a New Year


Hi guys...
I hope that 2009 is treating you kindly so far! There's alot going on out there in digi right now. Are you getting involved? My hats are off to everyone who has taken on Project 365...I take ALOT of photos, but wasn't ready to commit to that. I AM going to attempt to make a 2-page spread for each month...but a pic a day isn't happening!
ADSR4 is also going on...I am racing for the first time this year and having a blast!
Hybrid projects are still going strong...I finally took the plunge and started trying a few things here and there (although I am not a friend of the glue stick LOL).
My first real project that I got excited about was a calendar. My racing buddy/BF talked me into making a calendar as a Christmas gift. She is lucky enough to have a Bind-It-All; I don't, but I was able to get my calendar bound at Kinkos for just over $3.00. Not a bad deal at all, and my mom was THRILLED to get a calendar filled with pictures of her one and only granddaughter.

For those of you who don't have a calendar yet (or for those who'd like to make your own), Valarie has some awesome and very easy-to-use calendar templates over at CLD.


Here are a few of the pages that I made for the calendar...


using the CLD Midnight Rendevous collab


using A Little Bit Dirty by Valarie Ostrom


using Sticky Sweet by Valarie Ostrom


using the CLD Christmas Cheer collab

Now, I realize that there are 8 more months in the year that I'm not showing you. That brings us to the other topic on my digi mind...BACK-UPS. Over the holidays, my hard drive decided that life wasn't worth living, and it croaked. Dead. Gone. And while I do have an EHD, I hadn't bothered to back up my layouts in months...since I got the hard drive, to be exact. So there are probably 100 or so pages that I lost. Thankfully all of my photos were saved, but I am missing my pages! Also, within the last 2 weeks or so, my best friend has had BOTH of her EHDs was her back-up, and the other was the back-up for her back-up (got that LOL?) Unfortunately, she's lost 7 or 8 YEARS worth of photos and the majority of her kits.
Why am I telling you all of this??? To encourage you to BACK UP EVERYTHING!!! And to more than once source! At this point, my things are backed up on my EHD and to disk...when finances will allow us to use and online back-up, I'll probably sign up with Mozy. Trust me, it's worth the time, because losing your photos and layouts really hurts!

Happy scrapping!!