Monday, August 23, 2010

PSE Tip Time!


I have discovered that I am in love with the alt button!  LOL!  I have some alt time saving tips for you.  I scrap in PSE 8.0 so I know these work in that program.  They probably work in other PS/PSE versions too, but I can't confirm.  If you scrap in another program try this out and come back here and let us know if it works or doesn't.

My first alt button tip for you is a super easy way to zoom in and out.  I used to click on the zoom tool, then click on the + or - sign for zooming.  Sometimes I want to zoom way in when I am scrapping so I can get a close up view, and other times I want to zoom out so I can see the entire page.  An easy way to zoom in is hold down the alt button and then roll your mouse forward (the little roller in the middle of the mouse).  To zoom back out press and hold the alt button and roll your mouse roller backward.  This is such a nice feature.  I just discovered it and it has already saved me lots of extra clicking!  LOL!

My second alt button tip is a quick way to duplicate a layer/element.  Hover over the element on your page/workspace and press alt, click the mouse, and drag the duplicated layer where you want it.  This is such a fabulous and  much faster way to do things (especially if you are an element cluster-er).

I hope you enjoyed my alt tips and discover your new love for the alt button also! Make sure you let us know if the alt tips work in your program.

If you need some new scrapping material to practice your new alt skills take a peek at Valarie's beautiful shop CLICK HERE to find her shop at Elemental Scraps.  She has some great digi-scrap products for you!