Monday, October 26, 2009

Sales, sales!


We do not celebrate Haloween as here in Poland it is not a popular occasion, but even I couldn't resist the cuteness of Valarie's Haloween kit 'Little Spook'. It is in greens, oranges, blacks and whites and has a variety of funny spooky elements. 

Just look at the preview:

My page using this fab kit shows my son at the age of about a year and the faces he made when he wanted to scare us. He was so funny then:)

And guess what? 

'Little Spook' is on sale now ;) You can get it here in Sunshine Studio Scraps for two dollars now.

It goes alongside with the sale of 'Winter Wishes' that we were writing about in some of the previous blog notes. 'Winter Wishes' is also two dollars and can be bought right here.

See you soon