Sunday, September 13, 2009

What do YOU want to be when you grow up?


How many times have we asked this question of our kids? More than we can count, I'm sure. I know when I was teaching, I asked this question of my preschoolers at both the beginning and the end of the year. It was interesting to see if and how their answers changed. There were, of course, the traditional answers of ballerina, basketball player, doctor, etc...but there was generally a surprise in there as well. I recall one sweet little boy who wanted to be an ostrich when he grew up...he's probably in his teens now, and I'm guessing he's changed his mind by now...or at least I hope he has!
Scrapable has a super fun mega-kit this month, and it's all about careers. Val has contributed Vet to the When I Grow Up collab. I love the neutral colors that she used!

Here is what I did with it:

Enjoy your week, and happy scrapping!