Sunday, June 14, 2009

Time to hit the road!


Here in the States, it is summer vacation, the time that alot of families head out on road trips. My family is planning a few short trips during the next few months, and one thing that I know I'll bring home with me on these journeys (other than sunburn and a few extra pounds) is alot of photographs.
But for the moment, we are at home. My little one, however, is taking lots of trips in her Cozy Car (which, BTW, was the biggest selling vehicle last year...random trivia fact that DH told me this weekend). She hops in her little car, cruises by the library (aka my bookshelves), hits the drive-thru (aka the fridge), and heads for the drive-in (aka the TV). She loves her car...the one thing she needs for it is a GPS...I can thank her father for putting that idea in her head!
Since my daughter is such a car lover, I've looked high and low for a car-themed kit with a girly touch. I am SO SO SO excited that Valarie has heard my cry! If you have a girl in your life who loves cars, or who loves to hit the open road, then be sure to check out Valarie's shops later this week for an absolutely adorable car kit aimed at the girls! Take a peek at what I did with some of the fun goodies in the kit...

The title font in this layout is LTChickenhawk, which happens to be the featured font of Valarie's font challenge over at Digital Paper Hearts. You've still got one more day to get your layouts posted in the challenge, so head on over and check it out!
Until next time, happy scrapping!