Monday, June 29, 2009

Spread the Love Challenge


Hey guys, it's Jamie - 2 days late. I do apologize but as I mentioned last Saturday it was my sister's baby shower up in PA and then yesterday my DH celebrated my birthday (which is today). I also mentioned a challenge for all our loyal readers. It's not a scrap challenge, I'll probably incorporate scrapping into it but to start out I have something a bit different for you all.
It starts with a little background (I feel it important to give the background so you understand why it's important to me). My grandmother - Ruth Naomi Norton - was, to me, one of the greatest women I've had the pleasure to know. She wasn't famous or made any big discovery but she had to have had the biggest heart of anyone I've known. For every occasion we could all count on a card from her, a phone call for important events and always with an ear and mind open to listen and a kind word of advice to help you out. She was constantly bringing over my favorite cookies or her famous spaghetti. Towards the end of her life I became very close to my grandma (she was the only one I got to know). I went to college near my hometown so I was available to help drive her to appointments, run errands, etc. And every Christmas for the last 5 years she was with us I helped her prepare the food she was going to be bringing to our festivities. She was just the kind of lady you couldn't help but love. And as it turns out we found out her heart was failing in 2004. That December of 2004 she spent the week of Christmas in the hospital but recovered. December '04 I also graduated college and became her caretaker. I have a degree in elementary education and 2 months later (very late February 'o5) I was hired to teach in Maryland and moved to Beltsville to begin my teaching career. The very first day I started I received a phone call at the end of the day (it was a Tuesday) - My grandma was back in the hospital and I needed to come home to say goodbye. I spent the week going back and forth and got the rare opportunity to say my goodbyes and make peace with her. And she said something I'll never forget - her family Dr. came to visit her and asked "Ruth, what can I do for you?" And she told him "Love." 2 days later (Monday, March 11) she was gone. I still miss her to this day. And that small exchange has been in my head ever since - I've always wanted to be able to carry that on for her. Today we live in an age where everyone is too hurried and believes they have the worst story. We all have stories - we all have battles we are facing. Now is a time to reach out to everyone, help each other out - spread the love. So I am starting the Spread the Love challenge - cause lets face it a little kindness can go a LONG WAY. You never know who you are really saving. This week I challenge you to compliment 3 people - a stranger, a co-worker and a family member. Leave a comment to let us know how it went and I'll recall my tale on Saturday when I leave you another challenge. Someone won't make us better - we will. Let's put some smiles out there and as we all know smiles catch on! :) You're smiling now aren't you? Don't worry, so am I!

Sweet Dreams and Chocolate Wishes,