Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Memories from India, part 3


Heips again,
Another great memory from my trip to India. I had a chance to see largest Shiva statue in India. It was one of those moments, which I will remember my whole life. The serenity of his face totally captivated me.

Statue is huge, 65 feet and so beautiful. It is located on the Airport Road, Bangalore. The statue depicts Lord Shiva who is seated in Padmashan or Lotus position. Lord Shiva is considered as the destroyer of evil. The background has been made to look as if it is Kailash. The River Ganga flows from the entangled rocks.

I used Valarie's new kit Natural Spirits, which is available at Been There, Scrapped That.

Happy Scrappin' and I hope you enjoy your virtual trip to India with me :)