Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Memories from India


I missed my blog turn last week because of the illness :(
But let's not well about it anymore, now I'm back and healthy as a horse.
And huge thanks to Sugar'n Spice, who filled my place last Wednesday.

Valarie has new kit Sweet Nothings available at Been There, Scrapped That. Coloring of this kit is so sweet and spicy. I really love this and you know why?
Because spicy coloring of this kit is just perfect for my India pictures. Last year I spent 2 weeks in India, visiting cities Delhi, Agra and Bangalore. One of my wish came true and I was able to visit Taj Mahal, most amazing place I have ever been. And photos really don't do justice about that place, it is huge, beautiful, magical and you can literally feel the history while beeing there. But I'm gonna tell more about it later.

I love animals and my favorite animal is white tiger. I visited Bannergatta National Park, Bangalore during my trip and they had so many different animals in their park, also white tigers. First time in my life I was actually able to see my favorite animal in real, pretty amazing.
My LO today does not contain photos of tigers, but other animals from the park. I will post more photos next time.
Happy Scrappin'