Thursday, February 5, 2009

Happy Birthday


Meeri had her 7th birthday on 30th of January. I can't believe how fast years have gone by. It feels like she was just born and now she is already 7. Before I realize she will be a teenager! Huh!

And guess what was the theme of her Birthday Party?
Princess Skull!!!!
It really took some time to adjust to this theme, where did all princess and fairy stuff disappeared? And it really wasn't easy to find some stuff for the party. Those skulls are not so popular here in Finland. So we just had to be creative and do most of the stuff by ourselves :o)
And about invitation, she wanted to have picture where she is inside the mouth of the princess skull. I have to admit that it was the most hilarious photoshooting ever, when we were trying to take a picture for invitation. She was making so funny faces that I just couldn't stop laughing and most of the photos were out of focus because I couldn't stand still.

I'm sharing some of the birthday party photos with you. Theme was really success, all our relatives liked it and specially the Cake. No piece was left from it, it was totally eaten.
I found really great page of skulls, which had this skull paper model and we hang couple of those to lamp above the table.

Valarie's 4th mini kit Happy Birthday was just perfect for my newest LO. I love the color combination she used with it - so great with Meeri's birthday invitation.

Wishing happy birthday to all of you who had or have birthday during January and February!