Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Belated Happy Valentine's Day to You!


Another Valentine's Day has come and gone...I hope that your day was filled with joyful and loving moments with the special people in your life. My dear hubby decided to take me to my very favorite restaurant. Unfortunately, because of a PBR event, and lots of others celebrating the holiday, parking downtown was impossible, and after driving around town for nearly an hour, we ended up at Whataburger. Not exactly romantic (not that there would have been much romance with a 3 yr old in attendance anyway LOL). Definitely not a meal to remember!!!

The blahs of winter have set in for me...I'm not feeling very inspired, and alot of the layouts that I start end up in the recycle bin. But I did manage to get a few things done this week with some of Valarie's Simple Inspirations mini kits.

Simple Inspirations 5 at CLD and BTST.
This 3 generation photo is of my mom, me, and my daughter Rachel.

Simple Inspirations 6 at CLD and BTST.
And yes, that's me with the blank stare on my face...Rachel definitely didn't get her photogenic quality from me!!!

When I was working on the 3 generation layout, I couldn't decide which way I wanted to take it...the photos didn't work well together. It finally dawned on me to make them ALL black & white. I've found that I'm not all that found of PSE's 'remove color' results, so I started playing with one of my favorite plug-in programs. I have beeen using optikVerve Lab's Virtual Photographer for at least a year and have been very pleased with it. It comes with quite a few presets in both color and b/w, and each is 'tweakable'; and best of all, it's FREE! I'd highly recommend checking out the's compatible with PSE, PS, and PSP, as well as other programs (according to their site anyway!)

We're off to try and clean our house, so enjoy your week, and happy scrapping!